SHV energy is internationally operational in the off-grid energy market. With a decentralized set-up consisting of about 18 Business Units it faces the challenge of bringing them together to benefit from the shared knowledge and executive strength. 

All BUs work with local agencies, with a loss of knowledge and a lot of duplicate work we saw an opportunity to create economies of scale and improved results by working through one global internal agency. 

Prove that an in-house digital agency is capable of delivering higher quality leads at a lower price then our competitors. If successful; grow this team to be capable of handling the digital activities for all our BUs.


Prove business case As there was nothing worked out yet we had a blank canvas to start with. We started by mapping different customer journeys to get a good idea of how we can work customer centric. After this we got a foot in the door by running a successful simple b2b pilot campaign for one BU. 

We proved that it was possible to generate digital leads in the b2b segment, a segment deemed impossible to generate digital leads in. By starting small and experimenting with different angles and channels we found a way and maximized effort in a specific set of channels. We managed to generate a few dozen leads and a good amount of contracts creating the confidence we needed to grow. Using this as advertisement and blueprint we could easily copy this to other BUs.

Professionalize and Grow Simultaneously we need to prepare the team for a future scale up. We did this by implementing a structured way of working that encompasses the operational-, tactical- and strategic level. Making sure we embed all learned lessons along the way for future growth. 


● In 1,5 years, from 0 to 4 BUs, ran 4 projects / campaigns.
● Successfully proven that b2b digital lead generation is possible and we now work the segment on an ongoing basis with a large budget.
Increase of the lead to contract rate by 233% whilst having a 61% lower cost per contract.
● The entrepreneurial and result-oriented approach of the Young Digital Leaders made it possible to grow this start. With this growth all three of them have specialized in a needed role.
● Set the organizational structure to scale. A foundation for stable growth whilst staying flexible to be able to grow from corporate startup to scaleup.