TUI is preparing for the future with the business development team. Their goal is to provide more value for both the customer and TUI Benelux. The challenge is to realize cross-organizational innovation projects that have a concrete impact on the operating results. Collaboration with the business and embedding within the organization are crucial in this.

Young Digital Leaders has been asked to take the lead in a new innovation team to be set up and to develop an innovation structure in collaboration with our partner Innovation Booster.


Employee Project Many of the TUI employees come into contact with parts of the TUI Customer Journey either on the job or whilst being on holiday. The employees know better than anyone what TUI promises to its customers and therefore they always look critically at their experience with the brand. This project is an old idea with a new look: a digital suggestion box integrated in the app. It offers the possibility to quickly collect feedback (text, photo or film) in a central location, after which it can be automatically forwarded to the right department.

By building the app themselves, the team first saved costs to external developers. In addition, internal enthusiasm and commitment has arisen for the entrepreneurial mindset of the team. Project requests continue to be received by the team.

Corona Booking Tool In these times of COVID-19 and the intelligent lockdown, we are being forced to get creative. The travel agencies of TUI (internal customer) were looking for a way to serve the consumer in a safe, easy and efficient way.

The innovation team has built a Booking Tool with existing Microsoft tools with which the consumer can make appointments with the travel agency for free. The tool went live from 0 to the first 10 stores within 3 weeks. 4 weeks later, all 140 stores were live, whereby the consumer indicated that he felt 100% safe. The keys to this success were: an internal team with an existing network, quick and small testing preparatory to a large rollout, and engaging and supporting the internal customer with webinars.


Employee Project
● Minimum of 25k cost savings; by building the app themselves with an entrepreneurial mindset.
>20% onboarded of the total target group.
● Internal engagement and ambassadors for innovation.

Corona Booking Tool
●From 0 to 140 stores live in 7 weeks.
●At least 70k cost savings per year because of internal instead of external party.
Sentiment check - do you feel safe: travel agencies 98% and consumers 100%.