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not an 'ordinary' consultancy.

Personal dedication

External consultants are able to quickly renew an organization. But when the consultant is gone, the organization quickly falls back into its old patterns, classic processes and working methods. Our internal consultants are there for the long haul. In year 1 they prove their added value by combining our external view and sharpness with your internal business knowledge. After proven results, they can join your company for free.

start a movement

A transformation does not stop with a completed project. Our internal consultants get and keep internal colleagues on the move. With their personal dedication and by quickly understanding the organization, they create internal trust. So it is a win-win.

Synergy within the organization

In a world where scale-ups are increasingly becoming a world-power, it is a must as a traditional organization to rapidly innovate. Since current business processes slow down innovation, an external accelerator is often chosen. Scaling them can create cultural clashes instead of synergies. As a organization with a rich foundation, it is extra important to build on the core. New working methods are implemented effectively, whilst respecting the heritage it's build on; so accelerating from within!

THE BEST of three worlds.

Trajectory &

Realization of objectives for organizational change challenges.

Young Digital Leaders offers internal consultants who work with your team to achieve desired growth & change objectives. They work from business lines as well as centers of expertise.

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Build internal capabilities that have made our proven methodology their own

Our consultants make our methodology their own. They operate from understanding of content, navigate in complex context and monitoring balance in run & change projects for maximum results.

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Permanent part of & best match for your team

We select the best match with the most potential for your team and organization. Sign our consultant after 1 year of proven motivation & capabilities.

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our clients.

our 2 types of consultants.

change leader.

Why: Transformation: internal, stakeholder focus.
What: Implement new working methods in the business line/department.
How: Focus on >1 project with ‘soft’ objectives.
Who: Connector, patient, 'takes people along'.

growth leader.

Why: New business: external, end-user focus.
What: Business value creation through continues experimentation.
How: Focus on 1 goal/project with ‘hard’ objectives.
Who: Pionieer, entrepreneur, go-getter.

our working method


  • Together we determine opportunities and challenges within the change objective.

  • We select the match with the most potential; the consultants will pitch!

year 1

  • Formulate deliverables and tailor-made guidance per sprint (3 months).

  • We achieve our goals & create the best long term match.

year 1>

  • Sign our consultant after proven motivation & capabilities.

  • For maximum results & embedding, we coach them for 1 year on-the-job.

our team.


"Standardizing and customizing the telemetry platform"

My assignment
For the international company SHV Energy I have the assignment to find the balance between a standardised and customized telemetry platform, based on the requirements of our Business Units. Within this assignment, I act as a link between Digital IT, telemetry and data analytics.
Through the combination of Digital, Operation Management and social skills I ensure that different parties can better connect with each other. In addition, I also allow people to connect better with technology, which is a challenge, especially within very technical subjects such as telemetry.

Value Young Digital Leaders
Within my work I learn from Young Digital Leaders how to take a 'stip-stap', in other words, what I want to focus on for the upcoming period and how I am going to translate that in day to day work. With the support that YDL gives, I can actually realize this goal.



"Creating international value"

My assignment
My goal is to contribute to the expansion of digital innovation within SHV Energy. I have just started in this role, so I have mainly focused on becoming part of the team and becoming an expert in my work. I try to focus myself as much as possible on the relationships with the different Business Units worldwide.

Value Young Digital Leaders
Young Digital Leaders offers me the opportunity to think about cross-team issues. In addition, Young Digital Leaders encourages me to take on projects that are not within permanent positions. Young Digital Leaders biedt mij de kans om na te denken over team overschrijdende zaken. Daarnaast stimuleert Young Digital Leaders mij om projecten op te pakken die niet binnen vaste functies liggen. Being YDL'er offers the opportunity to make an impact across the organization and to join initiatives or take a lot of initiative yourself!



"Refreshing communication and cooperation of IT & Business"

My assignment
At Bugaboo I have been commissioned to integrate IT and connect it to the rest of the organization.  By transparently sharing and reflecting on end-user evaluations of our applications, shared goals such as improving applications for end users are set. This stimulates collaboration and knowledge sharing so that you understand each other better and there is an instant connection.

Value Young Digital Leaders
Young Digital Leaders gives me the strength to keep striving for a new mind-set and new way of working. Young Digital Leaders ensures that you keep experimenting within short cycles so you can make a real impact!



"Belgian holiday product"

My assignment
For TUI I had the assignment to improve the Belgian holiday product. The customer appreciation had been declining for some time, leading to fewer bookings and ultimately lower profit margins. The ultimate challenge was around the question: "How can we provide our customer with extra services before, during and after their holiday, without being dependent on third parties?"

Value Young Digital Leaders
During this challenge I had to learn to deal with cultural differences and starting a movement within an organization. Young Digital Leaders helped me with the personal leadership perspective during this challenge. Issues such as how do you manage a group of colleagues (different backgrounds/ages, etc.), how do you get colleagues involved in a new way of working and how do you get everyone involved, if you do not all have the same KPI's? Issues that I would have though much harder without Young Digital Leaders!



"From design thinking to design doing"

My assignment
For the National Postcode Lotery I have been given the assignment to give an innovative interpretation to the end-of-year campaign, with respect for the past. To make this possible, I had the opportunity to come up with the best ideas in a FutureLab through brainstorming sessions. The top ideas per topic were further elaborated in teams.

Value Young Digital Leaders
During this challenge I learned to make a lot of use of design thinking. With the support of Young Digital Leaders, I have created a new mind-set within the organization, namely customer-centric thinking. I did this by using different methodologies and methods and also spreading them within the organization!



"Innovate and spread this mind-set across the organization"

My assignment
At Boskalis I have been commissioned to map out the possible impact of technological developments with a fresh look at current operations. This applies to both threats and opportunities.
By making "digital trends" practical and stimulating discussions, I provide insight into new technologies and the consequences thereof. By bringing the right initiatives, trends and people together you can together move the organization to a position that is future proof.

Value Young Digital Leaders
Young Digital leaders empowers me to be the spark that will ignite the fire. Through them, I know how to bring the right people together and help them with the first practical steps.



"Centralized digital marketing team"

My assignment
For the international company SHV Energy we had the assignment to spare costs by putting together a centralized team that would take over the tasks of the external digital agencies by using the centralized knowledge of all the different Business Units. Within 1 year we successfully work together with 4 of the 18 Business Units.

Value Young Digital Leaders
During this challenge I've learned that results are driven by small steps. Tijdens deze opdracht heb ik geleerd dat resultaat wordt gedreven door kleine stapjes. Take a step every day and you will see you get a lot done over time. Even in extreme conservative surroundings in which you at least expect it. Because of Young Digital Leaders I could strive continuously towards change and results. kon ik in deze omgevingen gericht blijven streven naar verandering en resultaat. The business coaching, but also the working methods of YDL are of high value in this and help you to tackle problems quickly.



"Customer Journey project"

My assignment
For the international company, SHV Energy, we had the assignment to centralize the way of working. We gathered knowledge about the different ways of working from all the different countries to create a tool that fits all countries. At this moment 8 different countries actively work with this online tool.

Value Young Digital Leaders
The sensitivity that is needed to work with regional differences between stakeholders and making sure that people get their tasks done a at a distance, was a real challenge for me. I learned a lot from it. Young Digital Leaders helped me with managing these different stakeholders by always putting the client first. A client central focus. This now resulted in 8 different countries using our teal. I am extremely proud of that!



"HR internship @ Young Digital Leaders"

My focus
During my internship at Young Digital Leaders I was helping the recruitment process, in which I set up and managed our Magnet.Me account. Besides this I conducted a literature based research towards the distribution of roles and responsibilities within YDL and gave a final advise about this subject.

Value Young Digital Leaders
During this internship I have appreciated the freedom you get to pick up several tasks and the possibility to be creative while executing the tasks. The tasks were very educational for me, because it allowed me to bring practice and university together. At Young Digital Leaders I have learned that by just doing and experimenting and making adjustments of needed, you can add much more value!



"All round stagiair @ Young Digital Leaders"

My focus
As an all-round intern in the internal team of Young Digital Leaders, I add value where possible. I am a flying keep and I am ready to jump in where necessary. I am a steady helping hand within recruitment, marketing and change projects. I also have close contact with our consultants. For example, I am currently helping one of them with a trend session. Recently, I have also been focusing on the set up of a qualitative study into the perception of the working method of YDL.

Value Young Digital Leaders
This is the first internship I do and I am very happy with Young Digital Leaders and all my colleagues. I receive good personal guidance, which is very nice for someone who is still searching. A lot of thought is given to my learning and growth process and this is also converted into action. After 2 months I wanted to be a bit more challenged and a week after discussing this, I was able to participate in the above-mentioned trend session and organize my own research. I am given a lot of responsibility for the projects I do, but I can always ask for help if necessary. The transparent and open atmosphere that Young Digital Leaders guarantees, creates a pleasant working environment and working atmosphere. I look forward to my remaining months and everything I can and will learn!



"Head of Talent & Brand Management @ YDL"

My focus
Within YDL I am mainly focused on our talent &brand management. I am the first point of contact with regard to personnel matters, holidays, etc. for the Young Digital Leaders. In addition, I ensure that our funnel with potential Young Digital Leaders is supplemented with suitable people.
Besides talent management, I am also responsible for brand management. With this, I am responsible for our online advertising, social media channels and the website. So be sure to follow us on social media!

Value Young Digital Leaders
For me, the value of Young Digital Leaders lies in the way we interact with each other and the help we can provide to our consultants. I also indirectly enjoy their experiences and challenges and I learn from it as well. Within YDL,I value the open, informal culture the most. It is a place where everyone has aright to say. The openness and transparency ensure little hierarchy and a fast learning curve.



"Head of Operations @ Young Digital Leaders"

My focus
As Head of Operation I am responsible for creating the preconditions for our YDL'er to be successful (project management, program, training and recruitment). At the end of the day, I am successful if they are. I challenge the YDL employees to get the best out of themselves with the aim to overwhelm the customer and keep them moving. Together with the YDL employees, we constantly strive for impact with the customer!

Value Young Digital Leaders
I get energy from the constant challenge at the highest level, doing business in and understanding complex systems and together making the impossible possible. In short: pushing the beaten track with energy and tact to get to a new result. Every day it's a new challenge to guide and coach our YDL'ers in this. It is a pleasure to work with such ambitious, intelligent and open people.



"All round stagiair @ Young Digital Leaders"

Mijn opdracht
Als allround stagiair in het interne team van Young Digital Leaders voeg ik waarde toe waar dat kan. Ik ben een vliegende keep en sta klaar om in te springen waar nodig. Binnen recruitment, marketing en change projecten ben ik de vaste helpende hand. Ook met onze consultants heb ik nauw contact. Zo help ik momenteel een van hen met een trendsessie. Sinds kort focus ik mij ook op het opzetten van een kwalitatief onderzoek naar de perceptie van de werkwijze van YDL.

Waarde Young Digital Leaders
Dit is de eerste stage die ik doe en ik mag volgens mij heel blij zijn met Young Digital Leaders en al mijn collega’s. Ik krijg goede persoonlijke begeleiding, wat erg fijn is voor iemand die nog zoekende is. Er wordt veel aan mijn leer- en groeiproces gedacht en dit wordt ook omgezet tot actie. Na 2 maanden wilde ik graag inhoudelijk wat meer uitdaging en een week na dit besproken te hebben, kon ik meedoen aan bovengenoemde trendsessie organiseren en het opstellen van mijn eigen onderzoek. Ik krijg veel eigen verantwoordelijkheid voor de projecten die ik doe, maar kan altijd om hulp vragen indien nodig. De transparante en open sfeer die Young Digital Leaders waarborgt, maakt voor een fijne werkomgeving en werksfeer. Ik kijk uit naar mijn resterende maanden en alles wat ik nog kan en ga leren!



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"Assumption is the mother of all mistakes"

My assignment
As Head of Initiatives I am jointly responsible for structuring and realizing progress in Swiss Sense's innovation strategy. In addition, I ensure that we validate new potential valuable areas, business models and solutions step by step and demonstrate the value for the organization and the customer before we roll out a service or product.

Value Young Digital Leaders
Young Digital Leaders helps me and Swiss Sense through coaching, tools and a network of experts to understand the goals for Swiss Sense and translate them into a action plan. The coaching and tools help me to integrate a succesfull innovation strategy step by step within Swiss Sense.



"Combination of possibilities and opportunities is unique at NPL!"

My assignment
As Team Lead Online Marketing at the Nationale Postcode Loterij, I am shaping NPL’s vision on online marketing and helping NPL to embed the online marketing activities in NPL’s broader organization. With that, I am making sure the performance of NPL’s online marketing will increase. Next to that, I am making the online marketing approach future proof, for example by making its messaging more relevant to NPL’s target audiences.

Value Young Digital Leaders
The combination of working for NPL and YDL helps a lot in reaching organizational goals. YDL helps with focusing on the bigger picture. Days without back-to-back meetings and overfloating inboxes are perfect for zooming out and shaping long(er) term plans.



Business Development Manager @ PostNL

What is my impact at PostNl, and what is the value of YDL?
The working methods that I bring with me, for example in informing and keeping my manager up-to-date, challenge the status quo of PostNL. By introducing a different approach on the basis of own initiative (with support from YDL), change will occur. Including colleagues in how I am guided by YDL in the structured setting up of change projects, in addition to running operational tasks. The fresh views of fellow YDLers that I take back into the company after an empowerment day give my job an extra boost and the customer the feeling that big steps are being taken quickly. Secretly, I don't do that all alone.

What is my challenge at PostNL?
To strengthen the Business Development Consumer team at PostNL by bringing relevant new propositions and products to the market for consumers. In addition, helping to professionalize the team, working towards a powerful distinctive position in the digital transformation that the company is going through.

When did I feel like a true YDL'er?
When dashboarding with my manager at PostNL. During these sessions we always discuss three parts: informing, identifying and adjusting. As a young digital leader it is very important that the customer knows what you are doing, coordination and timely adjustments are essential. In this way you guarantee that you at least deliver what has been agreed to and you also immediately know where you can still excel.

How do I expect to make more impact at PostNl in the future?
The digital transformation is in full swing, I am in the middle of it as a young digital leader. As a business developer, I expect to be able to make the most impact in what we will develop for consumers in the coming years. As a company we are at the heart of society, we are one of the few that we still see many doors every day. In this digital era, great opportunities arise for PostNL to improve and expand our services.



"Design like you are absolutely right, then optimize like you were wrong from the start"

My assignment
I was commissioned by SHV Energy to strengthen the capabilities of the in-house marketing team with a growth mindset - and a specialization in search. The purpose of this is on the one hand to give BUs the confidence to work with the in-house team instead of local agencies, and on the other hand to generate high-quality leads at lower costs for the BUs.

Value Young Digital Leaders
Working from home requires a new way of working, with many online meetings, coffees and sessions. Young Digital Leaders has given me the tools and handles to be able to do this successfully. I also learned to step out of my comfort zone, and not only focus on the result, but also on people.



Allround intern @ Young Digital Leaders

My focus
My focus during the internship at Young Digital Leaders can be split into two parts. Firstly, I would like to learn how the operations of a start-up/scale-up work, and where possible I want to improve these operations. This includes recruitment, strategic decisions, branding, marketing, but also finance. In addition I am keen on supporting the Young Digital Leaders in various project, in order to get an idea of the tasks of a consultant.

Value Young Digital Leaders
Beacause the internal team of Young Digital Leaders is still quite small at the moment, I have been given many responsibilities, under supervision, from the start. As a result, I develop myself much faster than in a more traditional internship. I also get the freedom to organize the internship in a way that I find most valuable. All this is excellently supervised; there is a weekly evaluation, including a moment to revise my goals of the internship.



Founder @ Young Digital Leaders

Why did I start Young Digital Leaders?
Making the impossible possible and providing objective 'proof' for this impact is what drives me in everything I do. With Young Digital Leaders I like to prove that young intrapreneurs are able to make a difference within large, traditional organizations. An apparent paradox, but that is where my drive lies!

Value Young Digital Leaders
I think it is amazing to work with organizations with pride, a rich history and a special story. I believe that in a rapidly changing world they form the cornerstone of society, especially if the oiled machine and renewed entrepreneurial mindset are safeguarded. I like to work with executives and managers to look for opportunities and challenges within their traditional organization. Together with the ambitious Young Digital Leader, we then create the context, methodology and support so that they can realize measurable change while respecting the existing standards and values. It is wonderful to see what they can achieve and the resulting boost that is given to both the organization and its people!