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We are looking for a Marketing intern! Wij zijn op zoek naar een Marketing stagiair! Young Digital Leaders is a start-up consultancy agency for young professionals in the field of innovation/change. We are currently looking for someone who can help us positioning our 'brand' on the social media channels, manage online advertisement and overviewing our marketing strategy.

As an intern you get a lot of autonomy and we will give you the tools to be creative and hands-on at the same time. We work a lot experimental and with short-cycled projects and are constantly looking for iteration and optimization.

What do we offer?
- A full-time internship! (3 to 5 days is okay).
- Room to experiment with your own ideas.
- Possibility to develop in many different areas.
- A fair internship fee.
- Once every 2 weeks Friday afternoon drinks and XXL drinks per quarter.
- Experience all developments within a start-up.
- Thinking along with the other employees within Young Digital Leaders.

Due to available time of the other internal employees, it is unfortunately not possible to do a graduation internship with us. It is therefore mainly about gaining work experience. Of course reimbursed with an internship fee. Does this appeal to you? Then leave your details below and we will contact you!

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Are you our new Young Digital Leader? 

Do you want to make a difference in a large organization? We offer you that opportunity!

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We are growing!

Young Digital Leaders is founded in 2017 with two goals:

We are now 3 years old and growing fast! Would you like to help us achieve our mission as a Young Digital Leader?


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What are you going to do?

It is very important for companies to keep up with this fast-changing world and to stimulate innovation. As a Young Digital leader, you create value for large companies by entering into an innovation assignment as an internal consultant at the intersection of IT/Data/Tech/Commerce & Business.

To support you sufficiently during this assignment and to accelerate you development, you will attend our leadership trajectory twice a month. You will receive personalized expert-guidance in the field of soft skill, business skill and hard skill.

This way you get the unique opportunity to make impact in a large organization with the expert-guidance of a start-up!

our leading principles:

lead by example

Are you seen within the organization and do you manage to get things done?

Act confident, but humble

Are you pleasant to deal with. Are you continuously developing yourself, also outside your comfort-zone

Fail fast, learn faster

Do you inmediately take action to test/experiment. Are you able to deliver concrete and measurable results.

Love & Play the game

Can you find your way in a large organization and claim your spot with respect.

Our method.

Assignment & GAME PLAN

In your first week, you will learn everything about our working method, tools and how to apply them, to prepare you for the assignment. For example Design Thinking, Future Scoping, Trends & technologies, etc.

personalized expert-guidance

To ensure that you as a consultant will function optimally and to support you in your assignment, you will receive personalized expert guidance twice a month.

working at the customer

As a Young Digital Leader you draw up a plan every quarter that states the ambitions and goals you have for yourself and for the customer and how you will achieve them by means of concrete, measurable OKRs and actions.

after year 1

After one year of proving your motivation and capabilities the customer can offer you to become an internal employee.

We offer expert-guidance on-the-job for one more year.

"I have always had the ambition to help organizations with innovation and digital transformation. The Young Digital Leaders program helps me to realize this ambition."

- Booy van Hees
Digital Leader @ Holland Casino

"By working experimentally, learning from every given workshop, getting better every time and reflecting fully openly and transparently, Young Digital Leaders has deliverd me an immense amount of value"

- Jacqueline Kapeloni
Young Digital Leader @ Bugaboo

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