Why YDL?

April 29, 2022
There are many consultancy agencies in the market. Why would you choose to work for Young Digital Leaders? Dominique and Sharon explain their reasons for becoming a YDL’er.


“At a classic consultancy you get a case at a company, create your own work and then you leave. At YDL you truly become part of both companies. I feel I am an YDL’er because I get support of YDL, while I also have joined PostNL’s workforce from day 1. You are part of a team and won’t leave. Goal for YDL is to create a suitable, next-level and more senior position at the company and deliver on that, better than colleagues do. It feels like you have a backpack filled with experts to help you achieving this goal. It feels like your personal accelerator!”


”It is very nice to have a sparring partner every now and then. With YDL I have an innovation specialist next to me in a way who has already founded his own company in innovation. He helps me to zoom out every now and then and shine his light on the situation at Swiss Sense. This way I can bring external input to the organization and look at questions or issues in a different way. This helps me a lot! Next to that, sharing perspectives with fellow YDL’ers helps me to zoom out and see how similar projects are done in different companies. This helps me to strengthen my ideas and concepts in my business context.

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