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Het team.

Enthousiast, transparant,
no-nonsense en resultaatgericht.

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Het team.

team picture Maurice Lammerts

Maurice lammerts

digital leader @FugRo

team picture Lars Haarmeijer

Lars haarmeijer

digital leader @dirkzwager

team picture Chris Kok

Chris Kok


team picture Gaston van de weijer

Gaston van de weijer

DIGITAL LEADER @shv energy

team picture Bastiaan frerix

Bastiaan frerix

DIGITAL LEADER @dirkzwager

team picture  Keeran van Lunteren

Keeran van Lunteren

DIGITAL LEADER @Holland Casino

team picture  Sharon van der Jagt

Sharon van der Jagt

Innovation LEADER @swiss sense

team picture Dominique Haas

Dominique haas

Innovation leader @postnl

team picture Vica Rout

Vica rout

IT Leader @SHV energy

team picture Ons Zribi

Ons Zribi

MArketing leader @SHV energy

team picture Tim Brinkman

tim brinkman

DATA leader @renewi

team picture Liset Molenaar

Liset molenaar

digital leader @shv energy

team picture Laura Schukkink

Laura Schukkink

Commercial leader @Pon

team picture Julius Blaauw

julius blaauw

Innovation leader @ANWB

team picture Liz Roetert Steenbruggen

liz roetert

Innovation Leader @postcodeloterij

team picture Jacqueline Kapeloni

jACQUELINE kapeloni

IT Leader @bugaboo

team picture Booy van Hees

Booy van hees

Innovation Leader @holland casino

team picture Stefanie Wolff

Stefanie Wolff

founder/ managing Director

team picture Alexander Lancee

alexander lancee

commercial leader @shv energy

team picture Matthijs Ophuijsen

Matthijs ophuijsen

marketing leader @postcodeloterij

team picture Juno Vink

juno vink

tech leader @shv energy

team picture Dax Stokman

dax stokman

Commercial leader @shv energy

team picture Lara de Ruijter

Lara de ruijter

Marketing leader @shv energy

team picture Larissa Verheijen

Larissa verheijen

intern DIGITAL LEADER @ydl

team picture Cherlyn Faré

Cherlyn Faré

intern DIGITAL LEADER @ydl

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